How to Raise Your Company’s Logo Credibility

The next time you are considering a graphic designer to create your company logo, don’t choose them’ based on cost or price alone. Each designer takes a different approach to logo development. At Yuge – Moncton, our designers describe to the client the whole process we employ for achieving “the vision” and tactics to help raise the desired logos’ credibility and bring it to life.

In this article, we look at how credibility works in logo design. Continuing from last we left in this series on logos and logo design, there are several criteria a credibility based logo must have to be successful.

Below are three guidelines for logo designers to more effectively plan and create company logos:

1. Layout

Logos must use the symbol over (or beside on the left) the company name. There are three trademarking systems almost all logos fit into— there is the name only, the monogram and the symbol over the name.

The first two trademarking systems limit the company in expressing its area of expertise and trustworthy attributes. Only the symbol over the company name allows credibility communication to be effective. Further, the symbol over (or beside to the left of) the company name is the only trademarking system which communicates well on the Internet.

Besides being credibility-based, the logo must also be bold, express authority, and be interesting – in an instant! All this without losing the prime objective that the logo must be credibility-based. This is quite an undertaking for a graphic designer.

How to Raise Your Company’s Logo Credibility

2. Harmony

The logo symbol and name must work together. Logo symbology and the company name must both express credibility traits. The symbology is a “visual” expression of company credibility. Company names should also have longevity, as they are what we recall as the company brand. If the credibility-based logos which express the brand image are in the symbology, then the name must support the symbology for the entire logo to be effective. For example, “United Parcel Service” is a good descriptive name of the company’s expertise. Trustworthy attributes can also be incorporated into a company’s name. Names like “Intel” for the microchips is not only descriptive, but with the word “Intel inside” at the end suggests “high technology.”

fredericton logo design

3. Communication

A logo must communicate its intended message. Here are some of DON’Ts when designing a credibility –based logo:

Adding too many details to the symbology leaves the logo all confused and cluttered- Often designers try to explain each detail of the logo. There should not have be an explanation for every line and/or color and what they supposedly stands for etc. The logo must be simple and practical. A great logo needs no explanation!

Making the name font compete with the symbol- The font is a design statement in itself. It doesn’t have to be necessarily complex– The name font should always be simple, so as to support the symbology. The symbol carries the burden of communicating credibility. Not the name font.

official logo 960x959 How to Raise Your Company’s Logo Credibility

Placing the company name within the symbol- The name and symbol must always be separated, with the symbol over or beside to the left of the name. Otherwise, the visual confusion is obvious. Many logos have the name curl around the symbol, causing the head and eye to follow each letter to read the whole name. This gymnastics’ are near always misguided.

We hope that these article series has shed some light where there was none with regards to her whole dynamism that is associated with LOGO’s and LOGO DESIGN, their importance and attributes that describe good logos.

This is Yuge – Moncton Logo Design Studio

3 design elements that constitute a well-designed logo: Yuge Moncton Studio

From our previous read on well-designed logos and their importance to your business, we jump right into this second publication and learn a couple of attribute that will help you recognize a well-designed logo. This article is inspired by our design team here at Yuge – Moncton and is aimed at highlighting the key points to factor when procuring for a company, individual and/or general business logo and branding.

Below are 3 characteristics or design elements that constitute a well-designed logo and brand:

1. Logo Color

Color is a key element in logo design and plays an important role in brand differentiation. The importance of color in this context is due to the mechanics of human visual perception wherein color and contrast play critical roles in visual detail detection. In addition, we tend to acquire various color connotations and color associations through social and cultural conditioning, and these play a role in how we decipher and evaluate logo color. For example, in the United States, red, white, and blue are often used in logos for companies that want to project patriotic feelings but other countries will have different sets of colors that evoke national pride.

Here a very interesting article about the Psychology behind the color in logo.

logo design moncton case studies

2. Logo uniqueness

It’s no secret that our world is being flooded with more images, tweets, articles, books, designs etc. every minute, so creating a unique design has never been more important. Proper research, intelligent creative thinking, and a lot of exploratory drawing should be part of your creative process when choosing and designing a logo. Don’t choose a logo which is graphically or typographically similar to a famous logos (whether intentional or not) because you will technically end up marketing the logo and brand you are imitating.

exhale logo design proposal case studies

3. Logo Versatility

This is where amateur logos will fail regardless of their strong points in all the other criteria. In fact, versatility is the first rule at Yuge Design Studios’ we apply logo design unless fixed usage has been defined. A good logo will reproduce well on almost any surface, when done in full color or in black and white. It should look good in all its forms; be it on a large billboard, asset branding like the side of a ball-pen or even on fabric e.g. embroidery on shirts and flags etc.

branding of commercial building

Here an example of our basic presentation of logo design for a Fredericton, Saint John, Moncton and Dieppe based company.

That said, let’s hear from YOU!


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Yuge Moncton Studio- The Importance of a Well-Designed Logo

Simply put, ‘a logo is a graphic mark or emblem commonly used by commercial enterprises, organizations and even individuals to aid and promote instant public recognition. Logos are either purely graphic (symbols/icons) or are composed of the name of the organization’.

In Moncton, Yuge Design Studios’ have mastered the science of brand marketing and our designs’ professional expert team identify the importance of a well-designed logo. A company’s logo represents the identity of that company as it gives the customer the first impression. It reflects the key points of your company plus its values. A good and well-designed company logo is a key feature of successful business.

Like the one we designed for the next most important Moncton`s downtown development project: FiveFive


A good, strong logo design can help the name work better, by amplifying its meaning or detailing on professionalism, etc. More to that, an intelligently designed logo can also add a specific style, personality and uniqueness to the name. With a generic or weak logo you lose all that marketing leverage. Or worse, a bad logo can give you minus points, making you look unprofessional, small-time or even without direction. An example of a very well designed logo is RATP: the Paris transit agency. The circle represents the city, the wavy line the Siene river winding through it, and together they make two faces looking upward. Simple, immediate and recognizable.


If your company is a startup or in the process of revising or upgrading your corporate look, and have already decided on a name and a business plan, the next thing you should consider is having a logo designed by a professional graphic designer. At Yuge Design and more so in our Moncton Studios’ we pride ourselves on our design abilities for all you company’s branding solutions.

moncton logo design

Below we highlight key principle importance of well-designed logos’ that help cement your company’s name in the public’s eyes. This are:

  1. Brand Recognition

The primary purpose of a logo is to establish brand recognition, helping consumers remember the name when making a purchase.

  1. Products

A logo can state what kind of products or services your company deals in. For example, the shape of the Burger King logo represents a hamburger between two buns.

  1. Product Support

When introducing a new product, the company’s existing logo can establish a sense of familiarity and comfort, making the consumer more inclined to make a decision based on the new product.

  1. Identity

A memorable logo establishes a sense of unique identity for the company and helps distinguish it from its competitors.

  1. Creativity

A clever or imaginative logo implies that the company employs clever and imaginative people, creating a positive association in the viewer’s mind.

We know that the above points are not enough to fully describe the importance of a well-designed logo and the effect it has on the marketing plan and thus have scheduled a follow-up post that will describe ‘what factors to consider when deciding on the logo for your business and/or company’

Look out for this very informative blog post…

Portion of this article inspired by Wiki

Fredericton Trudent: an other example of logo design & Brand

This is Yuge:

We are a unique interactive agency. We bring a crafted and inspired approach to every project we work on, which is why our clients love us and why they keep coming back. It is perhaps this reasons that inspired Trudent – Dental Care specialists’ make a stop by our offices here in Fredericton for a full Logo Design, brand design and digital marketing solution. Trudent was founded with the vision of raising patient care to a new level. Characterized by the availability of state-of-the-art dental equipment and the very best in services rendered by their nice and friendly staff. This goes well in-line with our mission objective—”executing unique ideas and providing World class standards”

trudent logo design fredericton

Here an example of one of the most advanced dental technology available today

The dental studio is located on the “Corbett Center” in Fredericton. WE are honored to be bestowed with this dentist marketing project; our most recent here in Fredericton.

View Larger Map

The general layout that a dental office is designed in will always determine the way patients feel when they visit for respective services. Remember the days when you were a child maybe? And the fear of going to the dentist to do a checkup or just some dental treatment? Well, that fear is real everywhere! [I included]

dental studio interior design

Another dental studio designed by Yuge Design.

Psychologists and behavioral experts have it that the design and the decor of a dentist studio can spell the difference between a relaxed visit and a stressful one filled with memories of days gone– ultimately leading to an unpleasant experience.

Dental office interior design

Another dental office in Italy, designed by Yuge Design

At Yuge design, we know this fact all too well and that is why the Trudent Dental Studio is designed to feature cool and calming wall shades and the furniture pieces are all carefully chosen to encourage the relaxation of the clients in the premise and offer a visual and sensory distraction from the “precondition” that the dentists’ is associated with pain. The specific decor and accent pieces are designed to suite the whole family.

dental office interior design

Another dental studio In Fredericton designed by Yuge.

As we walk from the design table that has all the insane ideas; logo designs, web designs and etc. we will avail a peek at this piece of lovely undertaking, by posting in the upcoming web page currently-now in the hands of our very exceptional web design team.

We are involved it this project to design, logo, website, business cards, on site advertising and signage and all the marketing support!

Do you have a dental studio? Do you need an help to refresh it? Do you want to open a new dental studio? If you have replied yes to one of these questions please contact us today.

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In Fredericton, Yuge is known for its unique execution of ideas … Watch this space.

Creativity and Technology in Web Design, Moncton Yuge Studio

In this world of ever advancing technologies, having your business and/or name known out there in the market can prove to be quite a dauntingly challenging task. To the businessman’s rescue—technology has come to ease the process of marketing. The coming of the Internet brought the greatest convergence of humanity to the same platform at any given time, websites have become a virtually ever-present billboard for your business.

website design moncton, montreal, halifax, fredericton, yuge design

In this 2nd series of our Articles on technology and design, we look at advancing technologies and creativity in web design and how web design can connect you to the audiences for businesses as well as individuals. Website design industry is constantly advancing, both in trends of design—Example the big header images, high definition photographic backgrounds etc., and/or the latest technologies— from HTML5, CSS3, and so on. It’s important as a web designer to keep up with these ever evolving “trends” in the industry. Below is a detailed highlight of an attribute that has rubbed off’ advancing technologies and through creativity improved web design as we know it!


Responsive Websites

One of the biggest technology advancement to thud’ the web design industry in recent days is the concept of responsive web design. It has become much more than just a buzz word and has taken the industry by storm. If anything, if you as a designer or website owner haven’t already got on board, it may be about time to start warming to the idea.

Almost every new website in the current times we are living in has to be fully compatible/viewable on mobile or have its mobile version. It’s practically essential considering that computers are ever becoming smaller as well, plus the extensive variety of platforms for devices.

It’s highly recommended using responsive web design because it has many good aspects:

  1. Using a single URL for a piece of content makes it easier for your users to interact with, share, and link to your content, and a single URL for the content helps Google’s algorithms assign the indexing properties for the content.
  2. No redirection is needed for users to get to the device-optimized view, which reduces loading time. Also, user agent-based redirection is error-prone and can degrade your site’s user experience (see “Pitfalls when detecting user agents” section for details).
  3. It saves resources for both your site and Google’s crawlers. For responsive web design pages, any Googlebot user agents needs to crawl your pages once, as opposed to crawling multiple times with different user agents, to retrieve your content. This improvement in crawling efficiency can indirectly help Google index more of the site’s contents and keep it appropriately fresh.

website design moncton,, montreal, halifax, fredericton
Your website content and design should powerfully present your brand before a visitor ever reads a word or clicks a link. A website is pivotal to your branding strategy.

website design moncton, montreal, fredericton, halifax

If you need a very stunning website design and you are located in Moncton, Halifax, Montreal, Fredericton or somewhere else in the world you can contact us at 1-800-685-YUGE or

Portions of the article inspired by:

Interior Design in Moncton

Moncton — popularly known as the hub city for its strategic location in the Westmorland County. It serves as a home to many providing a great residential communal feeling amongst the occupants of the town. As expected within any cultural town, appearance is key to everybody; more so with regard to home layout and design. Styles’ and design are appreciated and well received in this town. Moncton is a great place and one of the strategic reasons why we have a foothold here! We encourage potential settlers to highly consider having a place here such as a loft

So, are you planning to move into Moncton? If yes…here at Yuge – Moncton office we have the well respected and professional Interior designers who will welcome your stay with a touch of class and elegance! Whether you are interested in having an awesome looking loft, apartment, or home, we are the best in town. Our experience and interaction with the prestigious trends and styles in Moncton gives us a head start against other competing design firms.

Using the best methods and techniques available, we give our clients the best results. As our cover design and theme says, the client need not do much; we only request them to have a clear imagination of what they would want. From there, we have the rest covered!

Below are the steps that we have employed and enabled us in providing unique and unmatched interior design for residential dwellings such as lofts:

Communication- With great communication between our designers and clients, we are able to open a great platform for interactive planning. This is aimed at making the client feel at home and also feel free to talk to us about their idea or thought. No matter how crazy’ it is…we’ll hear it out and deliver the unique interior designs as expected!

Trust- A tough decision to make but one that pays off quite well! We always aim to earn the trust of our clients.

Having established the above, we would love to share a few pointers and also elaborate on the importance of having a unique interior design.

Gives a platform of expression- Art and design are expressions of what the soul and heart feel. That is what our designer would say. If you choose to have a modern and artistic design in say—your loft, the impression felt by people while in the room is that of comfort and luxury. If you go for an old retro look, an impression will come off as one who appreciates the oldies and will take the occupants a few years back the memory lane. Therefore it is important to have a unique interior design that indeed gives a platform of expression.

3D architectural renderings by yuge
Makes you stand out- Having a unique interior design for your home, office or business place will not go unnoticed. A unique design makes you stand out and far from others. It gives your location recognition be it in the commercial or residential setting; you will always have eyes locked on your unique design.

Turn your house into a home- Comfort is achieved. Having your home best fit to suit your imagination gives you a sense of comfort and pleasure. You feel more at home and relaxed, busking in the glory of elegant décor and well blended color schemes. This also goes hand in hand with business places too! An office is bound to be more productive with great unique styles and décor.

The fact is that Moncton needs this kind of interior design and we at Yuge have setup the most unique service-line that the town has always desired.

Latest Trends in Modern Interior Design

Interior design and fashion go hand-in-hand and are both driven by trends that are seasonal. We are living in the current times where simple and elegant contemporary layouts are the most aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Below you will find the ideas behind modern design, and how you can use these ideas to create a modern look with a few simple changes.

Playing with different features on your home will achieve the modern and elegant look; from choice of furniture, colors, décor, lighting and etc, we look at a few tips that will surely leave your apartment/home in the lime-light of modern interior design.

Interior design moncton

  1. Color Blending Tactics

Gone are the days you had to match your carpet to your drapes! Yikes! What’s in season right now is color blending/bending or even the more drastic color blocking. Bold and beautiful colors will give life to your living room or bedrooms and always brighten up your mood while in there.

interior design halifax

  1. Go for Modern Décor

While purchasing items to fill up your house, go for modern items such as lamps and rags. This will give your house a modern feel. Buy a sizable screen have it pitched to the wall…etc. It will give the impression of being up to date with trends and appreciative of these modern times.

interior designer moncton

  1. Themes

Themes for the bedroom, living room, bathroom and kitchen are an important part of creating a modern interior. A popular theme for the bedroom and bathroom is the ‘relaxing spa’ which uses candles, soft lighting, and decorative features such as fluffy towels, perfume jars and lotion bottles. The modern living room is arranged to promote conversation and contemplation of one’s day with the use of open spaces and windows, and today’s modern kitchen is designed to create a sense of the ‘professional home chef’ with stainless steel appliances and cookware.

interior designer montreal

  1. Modern Space Saving Features

Modern interior design cannot be accomplished without clean and bare surfaces. For most of us, this look can be difficult to achieve without using space saving features. Hidden cabinets under coffee tables, end tables and even beds are incorporated into modern design to help hide everyday objects that can add to the clutter. Armoires for televisions, computers and DVD’s can be used to keep a uniform streamlined look to a room, and the use of modern shelving can be used to reduce clutter.

If you looking for an Interior Designer and you live in Moncton, Halifax or Montreal you can call me for a free preliminary site supervision!
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Web Design Tips and Techniques

In the last few decades, there have been tremendous strides made in the website development business. Everyone wants to have their image felt and recognized online. Most people result to having a good looking website done by their choice of designers to say a word or two about their business or company.

Montreal website design

That’s where we come in. With the experience we have had over the years, we feel that we have a lot to share on what components used together comprise an awesome looking and at the same time informative websites for the upcoming web designers or people who prefer D.I.Y techniques to best suits their style.

digital marketing moncton facebook seo twitter

Therefore, we have listed a few tips and techniques here in this blog to give you enough information and ideas to guide you on designing and writing up a good website.

So let’s get to it…

Tip 1. Simplicity

Keep it simple! Having a complicated website with numerous shortcuts and links discourage many from browsing through the important information on the site. A page with heavy content will also ring an alarm for quick exit from potential viewers.

web design moncton

People love being spoon fed with information, within the digital world, things move quite fast and reading through a lot of content is considered as time wasted. 71% of the highest rated websites are simple, brief and informative.

Alongside the simple format, be creative as well, using animations or parallax scrolling animation for certain images will keep the viewer entertained and hooked to the message you are driving through.

Tip 2. Responsive Design

Most current and newer websites have been optimized for this feature because of the newer generation computers… that is mobile phone s and tablets etc.

This simply means that your website will adjust itself to suitable specifications that vary amongst the various gadgets that we have at our disposal. Smart phone, Tablets, IPad, PC etc. You wouldn’t want your phone to open a page the same way a P.C does due to the limited screen area.

Website design Halifax

Sifting through information will be no easy task through a restricted site made for P.C viewing only. With a responsive site, your information will be very convenient for everyone who needs it on whatever platform they may be viewing it from.

Tip 3. Get Technical

Website ranking makes all the difference on search engines like Google. Having your website on the 1st page of search engine results or somewhere between 1st place and 3rd pace on search engines will mean all the difference between success and not. This can only be achieved by optimizing your webpage using the best SEO techniques available. It’s often considered a tedious task by many designers, but pays off at the end.

If you need a new website design or a refresh of an existing website we are located in Halifax, Moncton, Fredericton & Montreal!

Yuge Design Team

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Developing a Brand for your Real Estate business

This is our 2nd article of the continuing series on real estate and branding aimed at giving a guide to developing a good and well established branding for your business.

Discussions and forums have been held on social platforms online with regard to the best ways to develop brands. Businesses that are planning to be in real estate development for a long time should always build a strong master brand and not only for a single project/s.

With regard to our experience and professional expertise in Montreal, the following are the best methods/techniques we find most suitable for real estate and branding.

Before we dive straight to the tips, it is essential to learn the factors to consider when developing a brand:

brand real estate land development Visit fivefive Official Website!

Identification- in that the buyer is identifying with a certain lifestyle and taste associated with the brand. With that, a design firm needs to develop a consistent real estate brand in terms of color palettes, logo, font styles that can define corporate identity and allow the brand to stand out from the competition.

Real Estate Marketing Visit Victoria Terrace Official Website!

To establish credibility and a record of accountability- Knight Frank researched branded and non-branded property developments in 17 global cities and found that developments linked to well-known designers or labels were around a third more valuable that similar plots nearby.

Real estate development marketing Visit fivefive Official Website!

High Clientele- With a trusted credible brand comes a high clientele not just in numbers but in quality; credible clients deal with credible brands.

brand a condo Visit Victoria Terrace Official Website!

Citing innovation in the property market- A real estate brand is able to come up with unique concepts that distinguish it from its competitors.

The following are some important points to consider in your real-estate business branding and marketing strategy – having established the above factors…

branding real estate development

Have a Niche- Focus on a certain customer demographic or segment of the market to target in your area. For example, we focus on branding new condominiums’ or apartment buildings with life style finishing’s and not just a regular apartment in order to sell. By tapping into targeted marketing avenues in Montreal and Halifax, we are able to maximize the town’s exposure and attract a larger buyer’s market. Also, finding innovative and attractive new ways to deliver value leaves an impression on your clients’– meaning they will talk to their network about your unique points of difference.

branding land development Visit fivefive Official Website!

Specialize- Trying to do too much, servicing a very large area or targeting a very wide array of services to supply will ultimately lead to compromise in standards and effectiveness. Focusing on one or two core disciplines has the tendency to settle your brand and service among the best’ in the market rather than just an ‘okay performer.

NOTE- Avoid over-branding by keeping branding efforts to key developments which have the potential to become lifetime brands i.e. Destinations, Communities and Icons – Smaller developments would fall under these 3 groups, possibly as a sub-brand because people and customers will not remember several individual brands and will not be able to have meaningful relationships or even perceptions about a growing number of projects and developments.

Why Branding in real estate & land developments?

mario comando graphic designer

by Mario Comando

Branding is often a symbol of ownership and a sign of identity. It is always a good way of distinguishing products from others in business. Simply put, branding your real estate business is very essential. Branding when done well will always be associated to the quality and credibility of the said products or services.

Student apartment building branding


In the real-estate world’ it is no different. Associating your service to a symbol, tune or scent always guarantees a quick relation or connection to the service or product.

Branding sets you apart from other real estate agents and establishes your company’s product and service as a serious business entity. The influence these specific elements of branding have on potential clients will often be positive and will give quick recognition to the said product and/or service.
It is therefore highly commendable to have identity branding incorporated within your real estate business marketing and plan.

With real estate marketing and branding, the product offered is more of a service rather than an actual physical product. Notwithstanding, it has long been known to be quite a challenging task to brand a service.
So if you want to get more purposeful about growing your real estate business, and are looking for successful real estate marketing strategies that are working in today’s real estate market follow our 3 part series that will establish and review some important points that will make all the difference!

First thing is to establish the best tool required to have a unique signature or identity for your desired brand. The choice of colors, logo, class (minimum level of standards the company is willing to work with etc) When this is decided, The next set of steps to follow for successful marketing in the ideal brand should include at least some of the following pointers poising your company for elegance  and highly distinguished from the rest.

  • Understanding current industry and economic trends: Learn about the statistics in the target market areas for instance here in Montreal. How many people would prefer to live in an up-market luxury lifestyle condo? Learn of the best places to have your brand more recognized e.g. suburbs versus urban centers.
  • Establish a working platform aimed at the targeted audience: Have your company affiliated with the target market by making the most out of Internet presence. Understand how and where your listings and services are currently being marketed on the Internet, and then decide what you can do to improve the current position. And now, by the use of social media as a platform for reach; exposure is much easier to achieve than ever before.
  • Constant rejuvenation of the branding technique: Be willing to change your strategy. Times change and so does business and how people relate to it.

Branding is a continuous process and always changes with time influenced by many factors such as economy, technology and culture. No matter the scenario be sure to be a step ahead for a successful real estate business within the market.

About Yuge branding real estate development – Montreal
We determine your customer base and target audience. Through the process called ‘think tank’ sessions, we explore and choose the best concepts that suite your company requirements and once concept development is finalized, we schedule design production. We always discuss approvals with our clients and make requested changes and proceed to develop your project and deliver!