As a REAL ESTATE DEVELOPER we know that you need to share your vision with your potential customers, sometimes before it get real. Yuge can help you to transfer this vision in something tangible, trustable and deliverable. We are able to build the experience of living in your properties, using our marketing strategies, our renderings, our videos and our strategical approach and SPEED-UP YOUR SALES.

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This is the first step of every successful project. The final results of your project strictly depend from this part. The better you accomplish it the most you get from your investment.



Understanding your target, your budget and your goals it’s crucial. Your investment needs visibility, engagement and trust. A tailored marketing strategy is a key!


Interiors & Renderings

Very often developers need to sell their vision way before the foundations are made. With renderings and consistent interior design, you can share your vision effectively.

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The prestigious Yuge name is aligned with luxury real estate development firms loocated in north america. Only selected projects and developers meeting our requirements can become part of the our customers elite.

Alessia Bosatra
Alessia Bosatra
President & Co-Founder
Mario Comando
Mario Comando
VP & Co-Founder


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Reading our blog will be helpful to learn and get insights about real estate developments marketing, interior design, renderings, web design, social media, and more. Contents are created from experts all across North America: Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, New York, Miami, Chicago and other important cities….

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The first DIY photorealistic renderings app in the world

Speed-UP your sales over 500%.

Change elements, furniture, lights, colors. Change scenarios, time of the day or season. Simply drag and drop elements in the scene and you get your renderings in real-time.

Your potential customers can choose their layout and customization and in few seconds they can picture their future homes.

The most powerful tool you ever had to boost your sales.


over 70% off

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Consumer behavior is changed. Let’s get the attention of people where they spend most of their time: mobile and social media are the most effective channels to marketing properties. People believe more on contents generated from others than content generates from companies. A good inbound marketing strategy will help you to speed up drastically your sales.

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